I'm Alexis, a Denver-based photographer. This is the place where I share my art and stories behind what I create. My blog also has some random thoughts on creativity and life along with some of my photography tips. 


I like to use my art to take a deeper look at the mundane, dirty little details of life and people. These two things never stop fascinating me, and I'm constantly asking questions to learn more about myself, others, and the world at large.


Photography gives me an opportunity to think about these things in a visual sense and push others to think about these things too.   


To me, nothing is purely good or bad. The truth is, life and people are multifaceted and constantly changing. Instead of running from this, I acknowledge it and seek it out and try and communicate what I observe through my art. 

Outside of the visual arts, I'm a Freelance Copywriter who loves reading and writer (makes sense right?). I'm also a huge movie fanatic, comedy aficionado, wannabe chef, traveler, fashion lover, and spreader of good vibes. 

If you like what I do, don't forget to check out my writing website and movie blog. 😁

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