I'm Alexis, a Visual Artist, and Writer from Denver. I have a passion for telling stories through my photography and words. 


My work takes a deeper look at the mundane, dirty little details of life and people and explores another side to these things. A beautiful side.  


To me, nothing is purely ugly or beautiful, bad or good. Both sides exist in all of us and everything around us. 

The things in life that most people consider unattractive or unappealing I find and transform into things that are dreamy, surreal, and intriguing.

In other words, I turn the world into a magical place.

Outside of my creative pursuits, I work as a Freelance Content Writer writing blog posts, podcast scripts, social media copy, and everything in between for various lifestyle brands. 

I'm a self-described comedy nerd who loves improv and alternative comedy like Tim and Eric. 

I'm a Seinfeld and Frasier fanatic, and I can quote pretty much every part of every episode of each series (I'm not joking, although part of me wishes I were.)

I'm also an avid cook who loves pairing wine with my food, traveling, and watching excellent movies. I watch bad movies too, but I usually make fun of them the whole way through.  

Oh yeah, and I have a little Jack Russell Terrier named Brew and a husband I like a lot 😁

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