Angelique is a model here in Denver whom I worked with after she contacted me about a collaboration. She had an idea for a photoshoot where she would be dressed up as an alien and take advantage of the sweet galaxy bedding and her newly purchased black lights. She felt I would be the best photographer for the job based on my colorful and surreal work, and I was excited she felt that way because I loved her idea!

Angelique said I could have free reign outside of her basic concept, so I created a mood board and came up with a story that complements the visuals. What I created was built around the concept that some metaphysically inclined people (like myself) like to explore, and that's the idea of people being interdimensional beings. There's an idea that some even come from other galaxies and star systems to help the advancement of Earth. These people are called star seeds. 

I envisioned Angelique's alien character as one of these star seeds. Arriving in a new dimension, a new reality, and being filled with confusion and loneliness. It takes time to remember her true nature, that she is a spiritual being having a human experience, but once she does, she embraces her new journey with happiness and confidence. At this point, she can move through life with ease knowing that her mission is to bring light and love to this planet.