1 Camera + 1 Bottle of Bubbles = Sweet Pics 📸🔥

Updated: May 9, 2020

A few of weeks ago I bought a bottle of bubbles while stocking up for the quarantine. Bubbles definitely aren't a necessity, but who doesn't love bubbles? It doesn't matter if you're 2 years old or 100, bubbles are just pure fun, and if you don't like bubbles I suspect there is something seriously wrong with you.

But I have to admit, the childish fun of bubbles wasn't the only reason I got them. I was brainstorming creative photo ideas that I could create at home. I remembered some pictures of bubbles I got from about 3 or 4 years ago, and I loved the magic that they created when frozen inside a frame. So when I passed them in the toy section in Target, I immediately grabbed a bottle.

Bubbles floating against a bush and the sky.
My favorite bubble picture from a few years ago, and the inspiration behind the new ones!

Originally, I wanted to get the bubbles in front of some iridescent wrapping paper (and I am definitely going to do that still) but tonight there was something about the sky that just kept grabbing my attention. It was overflowing with dark swirls of clouds made up of deep blues, grays, and plenty of shadows.

Capturing the pictures was a challenge, but that was what made it fun. Trying to get the focus right on the swiftly moving bubbles that disappeared just as fast as they arrived felt almost impossible, but I just kept clicking away. I was in a state of flow, lost in the moment, taken over by my creativity.

My open-mindedness and lack of expectation made it easy for me to appreciate the process of experimenting and learning about what I was catching.

For instance, I noticed some of the blurry ones ended up pretty cool. The flash combined with the holographic colors of the bubbles created a trippy stretched out bokeh effect.

The crazy effect that I was getting from the bubbles and the flash.

Sadly this cool outcome wasn't on purpose, so it was difficult to recreate immediately. I'll have to have to take another round of bubble pictures to get the right shutter speed and make it work for me.

But I didn't walked away from my impromptu photo shoot empty handed. I actually got a several shots that I love.

As tempted as I was to brighten things up and make them more pastel like I tend to do, I decided to keep this series on the darker side. Something about the shadowy purple mixed with all the bursts of vibrant colors bouncing off the bubbles gave the pictures a mysterious magic that reminded me of swirling galaxies.

But my favorite would have to be this one, which I've named "Trifecta". Seriously, I'm proud of this! I chased this bubble down trying to get the perfect shot while frantically adjusting my focus, and after many crappy shots I struck gold.

If you'd like to see the full series, check it out here and don't forget to order some prints! 😁

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