Alien Girl 👽✨

There is an idea that floats around spiritual and metaphysical communities which is the belief that we are in fact spiritual beings having a human experience instead of the other way around.

I like this idea.

Partly because I enjoy spiritual and metaphysical topics myself, but also because it's comforting. Humans spend so much time wondering what's the point? What's it all for? What is our life's purpose?

To say that we are here to have a human experience answers these questions, but it also takes the sting out of supposed failures and disappointments that come with life (at least for me).

That's the concept behind this series.

The Story

These photos tell a story of a soul who has just arrived in this 3-dimensional plane. She is confused, unable to remember her true origins, but something feels off.

She struggles with feelings of not belonging and feeling like this isn't her true home. This causes her to lash out in anger but also retreat into sadness. There's so much to take in, where does she start?

In order to accept and understand what she is experiencing, she has to explore herself. Who is she? What are her deepest desires? What is her purpose? This is the most complex part of the awakening process, and some don't ever figure it out.

The journey of self-discovery is a deep and often lonely process, but if she can push past the heartache and move towards healing she will be stronger and wiser than ever before.

As her understanding of herself deepens, she begins to accept the true nature of her existence in the 3-dimensional realm. She is here to learn, to grow, to teach, and to love.