New Year, New Artistic Vision

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Happy New Year all! 🎉

2018 was a great year for me in terms of personal and artistic growth.

My aesthetic became more focused and consistent, but I also started experimenting more. I started to work with different lighting, getting as many different angles as possible and being more deliberate when I go out and shoot.

When I first started really diving into photography a few years ago, I was big on heavy retouching and completely transforming my pictures. This year my style developed into something that is more minimal and authentic.

I've ditched the pictures with lots of Photoshop work for images that are understated and exude more emotion.

Instead of being focused on the end result I have become more interested in really communicating my point of view.

I've also discovered my love of working with props and designing my photos pre-production. By working with props I can create an image that I can't create digitally. I'm able to design new environments and draw inspiration from intangible things like my dreams and memories.

2018 set me up for a new level of skills and creative inspiration. So 2019 will be a big year for me as a visual artist!

I have pages of ideas and sketches for photoshoots in my handy-dandy notebook, and I'm super stoked to start crossing them off. I've started investing in more props and lighting, and my next step is to find models to work with.

I'd love to know what my fellow artists (photographers and non-photographers alike) are planning for 2019. Are there any artistic projects you hope to work on this year?

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