The 1 Thing You Really Need as an Photographer

I had an interesting experience recently. I was doing a photo shoot outside at a park when a girl and her friends walked by. She said, "I hope that's me one day." Her friend gave an encouraging response and then she said, "Yeah, but first I need an expensive camera."

I found this funny for 2 reasons. First of all, my camera is an entry-level DSLR. It's a Canon Rebel T6i, which I love, but it's by no means an expensive camera when you consider the other options. Secondly, you don't need an expensive camera to start a career as a photographer.

Really, the one thing you need to make it as a photographer is confidence, and I say that based on my own personal experience.

I don't necessarily have any formal training other than what I learned as a result of studying graphic design and cinematography. Outside of that, everything I know about photography I've learned through good ol' fashioned trial and error. I'm still learning every day too, of course, but I am confident enough in my creations to put it out there.

My career as a photographer is still budding, but if I hadn't shared my work then I would never have gotten contacted by the wonderful clients I've had so far. In other words, just take a leap, be dedicated to learning, and be patient when it comes to opportunities because they will come!

But whatever you do, don't let your supposed lack of skill or fancy equipment hold you back. You could have a solid understanding of composition, lighting, and the ins and outs of the most pricey, highest-rated camera in the world, but none of that would matter if no one knows you take pictures.

So if you want to be a photographer, be a photographer!

Go take pictures of your friends and family, watch tutorials, experi, and start investing in your craft because ultimately, the only thing that's holding you back is yourself.

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