Why I Find Flowers So Inspiring

I've always loved flowers, and honestly, who doesn't? I know I'm not alone in saying that flowers can brighten my day with their breathtaking shapes, colors, and details. Recently, I've been using them as the focus of a lot of my photography. Yes, they are beautiful, but they truly inspire me on a deeper level.

To me, flowers embody the essence of life. They grow so fast and once they are in full bloom they seem like they will stay like that forever. But slowly, like everything in life, they fade away and wilt. As they die, they may lose their vibrancy and softness, but their fall from grace is an extraordinary event in and of itself.

As the petals fade they form new and exciting shapes. Each petal transforms into its own unique design as they crumple up and detach from the stems. They fall to the ground as softly as a feather and they feel like tissue paper. Some flowers don't even lose their petals but instead, they become mummified, preserving their perfect form even in death.

This observation brings me comfort when I think about life. A lot of humans seem so fearful of death, they won't even acknowledge it. But death is just as much a part of life as being conscious is. Watching flowers lose their zeal for life and grow into old age fascinates me. They inspire me because just like seeing an elderly person I see a creature that lived a full life. I see a being that has witnessed many things and completed their personal journey. Their time may be up but their beauty lives on forever.

Seeing this transformation in flowers, I realize that everything will be okay. Even through all the changes I experience in life, I know in the end I will possess a beautiful compilation of stories and experiences that I will be proud of. I will know that my beauty and the beauty of everyone will live on in some way even after death.

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